At NIAC our commitment to excellence is delivered by the claims response. The installations we insure in Canada are designed, built and operated to the highest standards to ensure the safety of their neighbours. In the highly unlikely event of a discharge that leads to an insurable loss, we will provide on this web site:
* a toll free number to reach our 24 hour claims centre
* email address to record a claim
Our promise is to quickly handle claims to properly identify and evaluate claims for recovery under the Nuclear Insurance and Liability Act for the installation risks we insure. We would maintain the principle of Absolute and Exclusive Liability - this makes the operator of the nuclear installation responsible for civil injury and damage. It means that victims do not need to prove fault to make claims for injury or damages. Another important principle of the legislation is "exclusive liability of the operator," which means that the operator alone is liable, to the exclusion of others such as suppliers and contractors. The insurers within the NIAC insuring pools and others who have agreed to be bound by NIAC claims standards will step into the shoes of the operators, who will have enough on their hands during such an unlikely event.

Although you do not have to prove fault, you may have to prove damages or loss. Through our seamless collaboration with expert claims managers, claim administrators, loss adjusters, lawyers, and engineers, we promise to deliver a response to your claim by the end of the next business day.

Response and Administration

NIAC is about celebrating the value of our leadership in domestic nuclear liability policy, claims management and good governance, collaborating with the world’s experts to focus on education, training, and creating a true Centre of Excellence in Canada.