Education (NIAC U)

NIAC is about celebrating the value of our leadership in domestic nuclear liability policy, claims management and good governance, collaborating with the world’s experts to focus on education, training, and creating a true Centre of Excellence in Canada.


Global Resources/Partners

We specialize in high quality insurance risk management, underwriting and inspections for Canadian nuclear exposures.  We provide true risk transfer, secure insurance capacity and collaborate with the world's nuclear experts to create innovative domestic solutions for our clients and members.

Government Stakeholders

The government department responsible for nuclear issues in Canada is the Energy Resources Branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources Canada.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), formerly The Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB), also reports through this Ministry to Cabinet of the Federal Government. The CNSC is responsible for administering the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act.

It designates the nuclear installations that are subject to the Act; determines who is the operator of the nuclear installation by issuing a licence in accordance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, and it determines the amount of basic insurance required with the approval of the Treasury Board. Since the CNSC is responsible for licencing, NIAC liaises with this entity and may not insure any designated nuclear installations until such time as a licence has been obtained.